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Adding comments

One of the reasons Microsoft Word is so popular in the workplace is its collaboration features. Simply said, Word makes it very easy for a document to be worked on by multiple people. One way people can collaborate on a document is by entering comments in the document. Comments make it possible for multiple people to provide input, ask questions, and provide answers in the document, all without changing the document contents. Comments don't print unless you want them to and they can be easily removed at any time.

Now this is the outline for a report being drawn up by the Marketing department. The author of this document wants some input from coworkers. To enter a comment in a document you can either select the text you want to comment on or simply place the insertion point where you want the comment to appear. I am going to select the word Staff. Now we want to click the Review button up on the Ribbon and then we want to click the New button under Comments. A comment bubble appears. What you want to do is enter your comment in the bubble.

The blinking insertion point is already in there. So maybe I'm going to type in maybe this should go after products. Let's try it again, this time in Draft View. So I will switch over to Draft View and this time I'm going to click right after the words Main Office. I will click New up in the Ribbon. The Reviewing pane of the sidebar appears. We are going to enter another comment. You will see the comment is right here. We will enter new comment for that. Don't forget Ellen Smith.

Now when you're finished making the comments, you'd save the document and then you probably pass it on to the next person who needs to review it. We happen to have a version of this document that's been reviewed by different people. So I am going to close this document. I am not going to save the changes. In here is our document that's got multiple reviewers in it. As you can see the comments are color-coded by the commenter. You can use buttons on the Review Ribbon to scroll through them. So I will click the Review Ribbon here and I can use the Next button to scroll through each one.

It's basically just highlighting them and putting the insertion point in there. You can also use the Delete button to delete a selected comment. So maybe this comment here, it's really not appropriate. Maybe I don't want to have this in here at all. I can click the Delete button and it gets removed. The Comment feature is designed to discuss a document, not make changes to it. When a document circulates for comments, multiple people can add their opinions, ask questions, and answer questions on their own schedule. Word has collaboration feature for when a document needs to be edited by multiple people.

That's the Track Changes feature and it's up next.

Adding comments
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Adding comments provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Maria Langer as part of the Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training

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