Word 2010: Real-World Projects

with Gini Courter
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Word 2010: Real-World Projects
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Word 2010: Real-World Projects explores Microsoft's powerful word processing application through real-world situations involving the tasks performed daily by administrators, executives, and everyone in between. Author Gini Courter shows how to update an employee manual using the improved Document Map to navigate and make global replacements. Many users know how to reuse content via templates, but Gini shows how to save Quick Styles and text effects, so formatting can be leveraged in future documents. Gini also demonstrates how to use screen clippings, create one-click snapshots of the desktop without the use of screen capture software, and add the graphics to a tip sheet. She also reviews Word’s new in-document picture editing, which no longer requires users to leave the application, saving valuable time. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Taking and sharing screen clippings
  • Reformatting documents using Quick Styles
  • Adjusting pictures and adding effects
  • Examining a document in the Backstage view
  • Navigating within the Document Map


(gentle music) - [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Gini Courter, and I'm pleased to present Word 2010 Real-World Projects. I'm here to show you a couple of real-world situations that you can take advantage of and from them, highlighting the new features of Word 2010. In this course, we'll see how to search and edit using the new navigation pane. We'll show you how to use screen clipping to easily drop anything you can see on your screen into any document. And we'll cover how to use the new backstage feature of Word to tag and review any information about a file.

I'm really excited about this new Word 2010 release, and I think following these real-world examples will make it easier for you to apply these new features to your projects.

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