Outlook 2010: Real-World Projects

with Gini Courter
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Outlook 2010: Real-World Projects
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Reading and responding to email can be a full-time job. In Outlook 2010: Real-World Projects, Gini Courter explores the new features in Microsoft's popular email and calendaring program that make the job faster and easier to manage. With Conversation View, Gini shows how to catch up on unread email strings without rereading duplicate information. Performing multiple tasks, like replying to and moving a message at the same time, is a snap with Quick Steps, which Gini reviews in detail. She also highlights the revised Contacts tabs and new Calendar features, groups, and tools.

Topics include:
  • Focusing on important information using the Conversation View
  • Cleaning up the Inbox
  • Managing email with Quick Steps
  • Scheduling tasks with Calendar groups and tools


(upbeat tinkly song) - [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Gini Courter. Welcome to Outlook 2010, real-world projects. In this course, we'll see how the conversation view can save a lot of time by combining related messages. We'll review the new built-in quick steps to speed along repeated actions, and even show you how to build quick steps of your own. Finally, we'll review the contextual changes to the Ribbon, especially related to the calendar and context tabs. I'm really excited about this new version of Microsoft Outlook, and I think following these real-world examples will make it easier for you to apply these new features to your projects.

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