PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth

with Alicia Katz Pollock
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PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth
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Discover how to integrate and enhance video and audio to create a more engaging PowerPoint presentation. In this course, author Alicia Katz Pollock emphasizes the technical details necessary to make a multimedia presentation work: from working with appropriate file formats, to applying video styles, to reducing the file size of multimedia presentations for sharing.

Topics include:
  • Using video and audio appropriately
  • Linking vs. embedding media
  • Considering copyrights
  • Inserting video
  • Working with proprietary formats, such as QuickTime, YouTube, and Flash
  • Applying effects
  • Setting options like looping and full-screen playback
  • Adding sound
  • Building a music soundtrack
  • Saving multimedia presentations


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Alicia Katz Pollock and welcome to PowerPoint 2010 Audio and Video In Depth. In this course we'll look at PowerPoint's features for working with video and audio clips. I'll start by showing you how to insert a wide variety of audio and video file types into your slideshows. We'll take a look at setting playback options during your presentation. We'll also explore how to format the appearance of media files on your slides. Lastly, we'll talk about creative ways you can implement moving images and sound with PowerPoints advanced tools.

Since this is and in depth look we expect that you are already familiar with PowerPoint's basic functions. I think these are really dynamic techniques that will bring your presentations to the next level. So let's get started with PowerPoint 2010 Audio and Video In Depth.

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