Outlook 2007 Essential Training

with Sean Conrad
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Outlook 2007 Essential Training
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Outlook 2007 is the latest full-featured emailing and contact management software from the Microsoft Office suite. Instructor Sean Conrad explains each of Outlook 2007's components and new features in detail, from the basics of the main interface to the more advanced elements of the application. Sean covers the Office button and the Quick Access toolbar as well as the ins and outs of reading and writing email. He delves into using the advanced filtering features to prioritize incoming mail and avoid unwanted spam or files. Sean also explains how to integrate Outlook's Calendar and Notes features for increased productivity.



Welcome to Outlook 2007 training. My name is Sean Conrad, and we're going to take a look at Microsoft's latest version of Outlook, their e-mail and personal information management system. It's an evolution of previous versions, so if you're used to using Outlook, you'll find all the things you expect, and some cool new features as well. Well, let's get started.

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