OneNote 2007 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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OneNote 2007 Essential Training
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Many people take notes on scraps of paper, only to have trouble piecing them together with their computer files and staying organized. OneNote 2007 Essential Training is for those who want to learn how to organize their work or life using various applications, including the Microsoft Office suite. David Rivers shows how to use OneNote notebooks to store, edit, and share files from different applications that pertain to one subject. He demonstrates how to create new notes, organize notebook content, and even connect this information with tasks, contacts, and meetings in Outlook. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating and formatting tables
  • Adding clippings, audio files, and images to a note
  • Protecting notes and notebooks with passwords
  • Sharing notebooks and notes with live changes
  • Personalizing notes with templates
  • Synchronizing notebooks and their content


- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to Microsoft OneNote 2007 Essential Training. I'm David Rivers. The name OneNote does imply that this application is for taking notes but really that's just the tip the iceberg. Not only can you take notes and gather information with OneNote, you can collaborate live with multiple users. You can create drawings. You can add video and audio. You can use ink and share all of this with others in one organized and convenient location.

So no more papers. No pads and sticky notes to lose, and when its time to find that piece of info you stored ages ago, OneNote will find it fast. In this title, we'll explore all of this including the many new features to Version 2007, such as working with multiple notebooks, and integrating with Microsoft Outlook, and Internet Explorer. There's tables printing directly to OneNote. There's text recognition and a whole lot more. So with so much to cover, let's get started with Microsoft OneNote 2007 Essential Training.

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