Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts

with Michael Ninness
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Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts
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In Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts, Adobe product manager and designer Michael Ninness, shows many of the tips and tricks he's picked up throughout his career to make Excel work for him. Michael starts with his top ten shortcuts, then continues with tips for navigation, cell selection, formatting, and data entry. He shows how to make a sheet easier to read by shading every other row, and demonstrates how to remove hyperlinks from selected cells. He explains how to get basic statistics from the Status bar, and introduces the ever-useful AutoSum keyboard shortcut. This course is filled with useful tips for anyone who uses Excel to track projects, create spreadsheets, or build forms. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating charts with a keyboard shortcut Hiding or customizing the Ribbon to save screen real estate Zooming in and out using only the keyboard Grouping rows or columns to create collapsible regions Building data-entry shortcuts with AutoComplete Parsing names into multiple columns for better sorting


- Hello, I'm Michael Ninness. If you're like most Excel users, you probably know the basics of how to create and format spreadsheets, just enough to get by. This course aims to morph you into an Excel power user. And it's designed to reveal the essential tricks and hidden shortcuts so you can do those everyday tasks in Excel faster and more efficiently. At the start of this course, we'll cover the top ten power shortcuts that all Excel users must memorize. From there, I'll show you how to make Excel fly by keeping your hands on the keyboard as much as possible. I'll teach you dozens of productivity tips, like how to customize the new ribbon interface by adding your most used commands to the quick access tool bar, cool keyboard shortcuts to instantly change the formatting of your text and numerical data, tricks for selecting rows and columns and ranges of cells quickly, and how to get Excel to enter data for you automatically.

I've developed this course so that it can be watched from start to finish and also used as an ongoing quick reference tool. With that in mind, I recommend you breeze through the entire course, but come back often for specific reminders, until you've memorized all the power shortcuts that are relevant to you and your Excel work. Now let's get started with Excel 2007 power shortcuts.

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