Excel 2007: Advanced Formatting Techniques

with Dennis Taylor
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Excel 2007: Advanced Formatting Techniques
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Making important information presentable is what sets successful business reports and presentations apart from staid, unintelligible data. In Excel 2007: Advanced Formatting Techniques, author Dennis Taylor shares simple and powerful tips for making information readable and understandable, including automation techniques that take the drudgery out of formatting even the largest amounts of data. This course covers techniques for accentuating and emphasizing specific cells and adding style and readability to worksheets. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Saving time with keyboard shortcuts
  • Adjusting fonts, cell borders, and fills
  • Setting themes
  • Formatting numeric data with cell formats
  • Using the Conditional Formatting feature
  • Hiding repeating column information
  • Printing double-spaced data
  • Elbow formatting


- Hi, I'm Dennis Taylor, and I'm please to present Excel 2007. When you're working with Excel using either spreadsheet or database-like data, there's no question that appearances count. If you're preparing data for that all important meeting or that printed quarterly report, a dull, lifeless display won't get the attention it deserves. To accentuate and emphasize specific cells and add flair and pizzazz to your worksheets, you need to know the scope of Excel's formatting features and the quickest and best ways to get to them.

In this course, I'll explore not only widely used formatting features, but also give you time saving keystroke shortcuts and show you those features that enhance the appearance of worksheets, giving them wide visual appeal, as well as making them clearer and easier to understand. I'll show you the best ways to apply numeric formatting, use built in formats for phone numbers, social security numbers, dates, and other data types so that you can eliminate any doubt about what your data means. I'll also explain how to use the powerful conditional formatting feature for dynamic visual effects and some specialized techniques like elbow formatting, hiding repeating column information, and a cool two-step process for printing data double-spaced.

Excel isn't just for numbers, it's an important business tool to present information in a clear, and even interesting, way. Let me show you how in Excel 2007.

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