Outlook 2007: Time Management with Calendar and Tasks

with Gini Courter
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Outlook 2007: Time Management with Calendar and Tasks
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Rediscover the robust task management features in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Author Gini Courter explains the difference between Outlook tasks and to-do lists, and shows how to use Outlook 2007 to handle both business and personal schedules, from making appointments, to creating and completing tasks, to color-coding calendars and tasks for at-a-glance review.

Topics include:
  • Creating an appointment, event, or meeting
  • Inviting others
  • Creating recurring meetings
  • Flagging emails
  • Creating tasks from email or from scratch
  • Applying categories to tasks and to-do items
  • Completing a task and sending an update
  • Setting Calendar and Task List options


(flashes) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Gini Courter. Welcome to Outlook 2007, time management with calendar and tasks. In this course, I'll try to show you tips and techniques that you can use even if you've already been working with time management, and even if you've already been working with calendars and tasks here in Outlook 2007. We're gonna spend time showing you how to work quickly and efficiently in the calendar, and in tasks, and along the way we'll also spend some time learning how you might work with categories in order to make it easy for you to plan your work days.

Thank you again for joining me for this course.

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