Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features

with Garrick Chow
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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features
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Mac OS X has been rewritten from the ground up, and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features highlights all of the most important and user-relevant aspects of this release. Experienced instructor and lifelong Mac user Garrick Chow introduces current Mac users to the improvements in the latest OS. While not a complete overhaul of the operating system, this update does address a fair number of internal systems and external user features. Garrick explores all of these updates, including enhancements to the Finder and the Dock and a completely revamped QuickTime player. He shows the wealth of improvements to built-in applications like Safari, Preview, iChat, and Mail, and explains the updated 64-bit support within Snow Leopard.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the possible Mail, iCal, and Address connections through Microsoft Exchange
  • Taking advantage of system-wide improvements
  • Reviewing the enhancements to the new QuickTime interface and features
  • Exploring the improvements to Safari, Preview, Mail, iCal, and iChat
  • Examining the Dock's new capabilities
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(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Garrick Chow and welcome to Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features. In this course we'll be looking at the most important updates, tweaks, and additions to this latest version of Mac OS 10. We'll take a look at system-wide improvements like text substitution, the new date and time features, and screen locking options. We'll see how the finder has been improved with the addition of new icon views and the ability to easily restore deleted items back to their original folders.

And we'll check out the new features of the dock that allow you to scroll through stacks and activate expos?. We'll even spend time with specific built-in applications like Safari, Quicktime player, mail, iCal, and iChat, each of which has been updated and improved for Snow Leopard. So if you're a Mac user pondering whether it's worth upgrading to Snow Leopard, follow along with me as I take you through all the updates and additions in Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard New Features.

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