Exploring the user interface

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Exploring the user interface

If you are new to Numbers '09, getting familiar with the various menus and toolbars will help you to maximize your efficiency when using the application. If you already have some experience with previous versions of Numbers, you are going to notice some subtle improvements to the Numbers '09 user interface. So let's take a brief tour now using this brand new spreadsheet created from the Template Chooser. We'll begin at the top of the screen where you'll find the menu bar. Here's where you'll find all of the commands available in Numbers '09. Under each menu heading are related commands. Dimmed commands are not usable. You'll also find keyboard shortcuts here in the various menus in the menu bar.

Just below the menu bar is the Toolbar. Some commands are used more often than others and this totally customizable Toolbar allows for easy access to those commands. For example, we can use it to quickly add a table or a chart, maybe even a text box to one of our spreadsheets here in Numbers '09. On the far right hand side of the Toolbar, you'll find the Inspector, Media, Colors and Fonts buttons. They appear in this location in all three of the applications in the iWork '09 Suite. On the left side of your screen, you'll find the Sheets pane. Now the Sheets pane lists the tables and charts on each sheet in the spreadsheet.

Sheets organize your information to groups or related items. For example, we can separate Product Options from a Cost Summary and a Contact List using different sheets. This pane is adjustable. You can click then drag the sheet's resize control to make it wider or narrower, according to your needs. Below the Sheets pane is the Styles pane and it will list different table styles pre-designed for the template you are using.

Below the Styles pane is an area that displays the results of calculations for the values in selected table cells. For example, if we move to a table, select a number of cells, we'll see quick calculations in the bottom left hand corner. The main area where you'll do most of your work is called the Sheet canvas. The Sheet canvas shows objects on a selected sheet and at the very bottom of the screen is the Status bar. Here, for example, you'll see the current zoom level. You can change this level from here to get a better look at the data on your screen. And you also have quick access to Print Preview mode from the Status bar.

So you should be feeling more comfortable with the Numbers '09 interface. As you continue to use Numbers, you'll become even more comfortable and you might even consider customizing the UI to suit your specific needs.

Exploring the user interface
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Exploring the user interface provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Numbers '09 Essential Training

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