Nuke 6.3 New Features

with Steve Wright
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Nuke 6.3 New Features
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This course reviews the Nuke 6.3 tools and performance enhancements that make keying, motion tracking, color correction, and 3D compositing in Nuke more powerful than ever. Author Steve Wright covers the introduction of 3D particles, the enhanced spline and grid warping, the all-new planar tracker, an audio scratch track for matching audio cues to effects, and a briefing on deep compositing, the powerful new method of working with deep images.

Nuke 6.3 New Features was created and produced by Steve Wright. We are honored to host his material in the library.

Topics include:
  • What's new in Nuke 6.3
  • 3D tracking in the Camera Tracker
  • Creating a cloud with the Point Cloud Generator node
  • Building meshes with the PoissonMesh Generator node
  • Understanding the Reconcile3D node
  • Demoing the PointsTo3D node
  • Introducing the Modeler node
  • Aligning 2D and 3D points
  • Displacing with the Displacement shader
  • Adding audio
  • Working with the Planar Tracker
  • Working with 3D particle systems in Nuke 6.3


- [Voiceover] This is Steve Wright welcoming you to my Nuke 6.3 New Features course. Version 6.3 was a huge new release of Nuke that added a great many big new features. This course assumes that you are already familiar with Nuke and had already completed my Nuke 6 New Features course. A Particle System and a Planar Tracker are just two examples of the huge new features in Nuke 6.3. The long-awaited Particle System is a true 3D particle system that will integrate with any 3D geometry loaded into Nuke.

Particles can be either 2D images or 3D geometry, and any piece of geometry can be used as an emitter. The addition of a Planar Tracker and Nuke's already powerful 2D Point Tracker and 3D Camera Tracker gives Nuke unprecedented tracking tools that will help you solve any conceivable production tracking problem. Here is a list of the many new features and nodes that are covered in this course in addition to the Particle System and the Planar Tracker. Most of them are dedicated to deepening and enhancing Nuke's already powerful 3D compositing capabilities, while others such as Deep Compositing and the AudioRead Node add fundamentally new capabilities to Nuke.

These are important new features that every Nuke compositor will need to know to stay current. Nuke runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, while the videos for this course were all created on a Mac. If you're using a Windows or a Linux machine, the only thing you will have to keep in mind is when I use the Command key, you'll need to substitute the Ctrl key. So let's get started with the Nuke 6.3 New Features course by watching the following Exercise Files movie.

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