Managing Spam Essential Training

with Bill Weinman
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Managing Spam Essential Training
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Unwanted email has grown increasingly common and sophisticated. It now includes not only unsolicited commercial messages, but also fraud schemes, identity theft attempts, and dangerous attachments. Because the majority of this mail is now sent from virus-infected computers, many of the strategies that worked to combat spam a few years ago have become less effective. In Managing Spam Essential Training, William E. Weinman describes the state of spam today, shows how to recognize the various types, and explains the dangers they present. He also shares techniques for ensuring that legitimate email continues to get through, and offers up-to-date strategies for reducing the amount of junk email received at important addresses.

Topics include:
  • Defending against "phishing" attacks (identity theft) Identifying 419 scams, malware, and more Setting up spam filters and block lists Sorting spam from legitimate email daily Using tagged or separate addresses for different situations Being a good email citizen


- Email is an amazing thing. You can write letter to someone and they can receive it almost instantly or not, their choice. No interruption like with a telephone. No stuffing an envelope, or finding the correct postage or running to the mailbox. It's just there. Amazing. But it's not all kittens and marshmallows either. Along with all that convenience, we get spam. Lots and lots of spam Some of us get many times more spam than legitimate email. In fact, we sometimes lose the mail we want because of the defenses we've set up to deal with the spam that we don't want.

That's why I recorded this course. I'm Bill Weinman, and I've been involved in the battle against spam since about 1995. As a programmer, author, and as the owner-operator of a hosting company and email services provider. You should be able to get your mail with as little fuss and bother as possible. I can't end the spam for you, but I can give you a set of tools to help you manage it without losing the power and the enjoyment and the wonder of your email. You should be able to easily get the spam out of the way so you can have the mail you really want. And it's my intention to give you the tools you need to do just that.

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