MySQL Essential Training

with Bill Weinman
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MySQL Essential Training
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MySQL is by far the most popular database management system for small- to medium-sized web projects. In this course, Bill Weinman provides clear, concise tutorials that guide you through creating and maintaining a MySQL database of your own. Bill explores the basic syntax, using SQL statements to create, insert, update, and delete data from your tables. He also covers creating a new database from scratch, as well as data types, transactions, subselects, views, and stored routines. Plus, learn about the multi-platform PHP PDO interface that will help you connect your database to web applications.

Topics include:
  • Writing queries
  • Creating and updating databases and tables
  • Using MySQL built-in functions
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Updating tables with triggers
  • Working with subselects and views
  • Creating and using a stored function


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bill Weinman, and welcome to MySQL Essential Training. We'll start with the basic syntax of SQL as it's implemented by MySQL. I'll explain how to use the SELECT statement and how to create, update, and delete data from your tables. I'll show you specifically where the MySQL version of SQL differs from the standard, and how to get the most out of MySQL's specific dialect. I'll cover creating and deleting databases, data types, transactions, subselects, views, and stored routines.

And finally, I'll show you a full working CRED application. CRED is an acronym for create, read, update and delete. MySQL is one of the most widely deployed database management systems in the world. Understanding MySQL will serve you well in your database applications, so let's get started with MySQL Essential Training.

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