Using the Toolbar

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Using the Toolbar

Working in a Canvas, we're going to have to use a bunch of different selection and manipulation tools. So in this movie I just want to show you some of the basics of how to select some objects and transform and apply different manipulations to them using your tools in your toolbar. So if it's not already open, run the 05_tools project. Go ahead and select the Green text, and you notice I have this bounding box that pops-up, and in here I can grab anyone of these anchor points. For example on the corners I can click-and-drag and that will resize my image and you notice I get a Contextual Menu that pops-up that shows me exactly what the dimensions are.

If I hold down Shift as I do that it will keep things in proper proportion. I am just going to undo that. Over here I have my rotation handle. If I click-and-drag it allow me to rotate that object. Now the reason I bring that up, it's rotating around this thing right here called the Center Point. Well, what if I wanted that center point to change to a different area? Well, I could change in the justification of this text and that would change the center point, but I could also use a tool for that. So if you click and hold down your Select tool, the second option down is the Move Center Point tool.

And now I can actually move this center point anywhere and when I go ahead and grab my Selection tool again, you notice now it will rotate around that specific center point. Now there are some other tools, I just want to quickly go over. If you click-and-hold this next option here is called the Shear tool, and you notice when I chose that it's now changed my handles to these diagonal looking boxes and if you click-and-drag, this will allow you to adjust the Shear and you'll notice, it's bending around where that anchor point is.

Now you can also change this, just by right-clicking on any of the handles and adjusting it, you are back to transform and that will go ahead and transform that. Now when I right-clicked it accidentally selected a different layer. So I am going to open up my Layers tab and select my green text here and you notice now that I have my Selection tool, it's automatically changed back to my normal bounding box, so I can go ahead and rotate that, let me Undo that. If you select something graphic like these bars here, there are a couple of more tools I'd like to show you.

If I had a Drop Shadow on this I could actually freehand manipulate where the Drop Shadow is. But what we are going to cover right now is this Free Transform option. What this does is allow me to free transform exactly where I would like each one of these individual points so I could create some drastic distorted effect for that specific object. So the next set of tools down here, pretty straight forward with the Hand tool and the Magnifying Glass. This option right here will allow you to adjust your items in 3D space, which is a little bit advanced for what I want to get into right now.

So we will cover that in one of the Layer chapters. But I did want to make an extra point of just going over some of these basic tools when you are actually trying to select and manipulate your objects in your Canvas.

Using the Toolbar
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Using the Toolbar provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Ian Robinson as part of the Motion 3 Essential Training

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