Adding outside assets

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Adding outside assets

Motion has a great tool set for creating graphics natively within the application, but we all know that about 99.9% of designers use Illustrator or Photoshop at some point in their creative process. So for this movie we're not just importing video but we're also going to import a layered Photoshop document as well as an Illustrator file. We're working in the 01_AddingAssets project, so let's go ahead and add some assets. So in your File Browser navigate to the Media folder and in there let's start with some background footage and just select the Yoga Morning footage, notice it's playing back up here, beautiful! Now go ahead and drag-and-drop that footage, and you should notice these yellow guides popping-up, that's snapping, and basically Snapping is a feature that helps align elements in your canvas and since I don't have anything on my canvas yet, it's snapping the center of my footage to the center of the canvas.

Let me go ahead and let go and there is the footage. Now if Snapping didn't come on for you, just go up under View and choose Snap or hit N on your keyboard, you Final Cut users should recognize that. So now let's go ahead and close that, and make sure you have your footage there in the center of the canvas. So typically the way I would work in Motion is to actually keep things in Motion and continue designing. So let's go and hit the spacebar and you'll notice this footage plays back quite easily at a full 24 frames a second, and I would usually continue adding elements and layering things and watching how things turn out in real-time, but since this movie is actually about adding assets and I don't want you to get distracted by all the pretty moving pictures.

I am going to go ahead and hit the spacebar and stop it and click this little button right here and move my playhead back to the beginning. Let's go ahead and import a layered Photoshop document. So navigate in your File Browser, back to the Media folder and this time we want to go into the Graphics folder. In here you should find the YogaBoxes.psd and we can go ahead and drag-and-drop that as well, making sure that it snaps to the center and then just hold down for a second and let this contextual menu pop-up, and those of you DVD Studio Pro users should recognize this, it's the same pop-up menu as in DVD Studio Pro.

So I can import Merge Layers or I can import All Layers or Individual Layers. Let's go ahead and import All Layers, and let go. There I have some nice pretty smooth bars that were created in Photoshop. Let's go ahead and add the Illustrator file. So this time I'd like you to select the Illustrator files, instead of dragging-and-dropping it let's go ahead and click on the Import button. Whenever we use the Import button Motion automatically places the file in the center of your canvas. So let's go ahead and position this right up in the center of the bar.

Now you notice Snapping is actually working with all of the elements in my canvas now. So make sure it's nice and centered, and part of the reason I created my text in Illustrator is the fact that Illustrator is a Vector-based application. Now vectors mean you can scale things up infinitely and edges will remain nice and sharp. Now this should work beautifully, but honestly as I scale this holding Shift+Option, you'll notice Motion by default doesn't really do this. So, let's go ahead and fix that. Hit Cmd+5 which opens up your Media tab and we will reinforce these tabs and panels a little bit later in the title, but for now just hit Cmd+5 and select your Illustrator file and head to your Inspector and make sure you are on the Media tab and make sure this Fixed Resolution box is unchecked and voila! Now we have nice and smooth text.

Let's go back to the Layers tab and select your wakeup text and go to the Properties tab and we'll just click in this box and retype the scale back to 100. So now we can go ahead and hit F5, which will close our Project pane here and deselect the text and go ahead and hit your spacebar and checkout this beautiful moving motion graphic that we've actually created. So as you can see Motion can import a wide variety of files and formats into one single project and make a beautiful graphic.

Adding outside assets
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Adding outside assets provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Ian Robinson as part of the Motion 3 Essential Training

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