Motion 5 Essential Training

with Ian Robinson
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Motion 5 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 9h 1m Beginner Updated Aug 27, 2015


Learn how to create stunning motion graphics and animations for video production. Author Ian Robinson explains how to format and animate type with the Transform Glyph tool and explores Motion's real-time 3D tools. The course also covers working in 3D space, creating depth with lights and shadows, keying green screen effects, and working with particle systems. In addition, Ian offers practical advice on integrating Motion into a professional video workflow and explains how to work smarter using rigs and templates.

Topics include:
  • Getting started with Motion and setting essential preferences
  • Working with layers, groups, and blend modes
  • Animating and adjusting behaviors
  • Building custom presets to create a slideshow
  • Keyframing animation
  • Animating type along a path
  • Creating credit rolls
  • Understanding generators
  • Adding reflections
  • Controlling and animating cameras
  • Creating depth of field in a composition
  • Adjusting audio
  • Exporting, sharing, and archiving a project


- Hi, I'm Ian Robinson. Welcome to Motion 5 essential training. In this course, I'll show you the ins and outs for using this real time motion graphics application. We'll take a look at the different ways to animate objects in a project using traditional key frames and Motion's very own animation tools known as behaviors. We'll use the text design tools to create graphics as simple as a lower third, or complex as a title open. We'll learn the finer points of text animation, like text on path movements, and animating individual characters in a word.

I'll show you some of Motion's most exciting features like replicators, particle systems, and generators, to create original animated art from scratch. Finally, we'll take a look at how to animate all of these elements in 3D space. I'm really excited to show you what Motion 5 is capable of, and to share with you some of my Motion graphics tips and tricks, so lets get started with Motion 5 essential training.

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