Motion: Principles of Motion Graphics

with Ian Robinson
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Motion: Principles of Motion Graphics
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In Motion: Principles of Motion Graphics, Ian Robinson shares the core concepts and techniques used to create real-world motion graphic elements in Apple Motion. The course starts with finding the initial inspiration for a project and then covers how to bring those ideas to life using the tools in Motion, including type treatments, filters, textures, and lighting. Two projects demonstrating how to animate a title sequence and how to assemble a graphics package are also included. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Shortcuts for previewing and setting type
  • Using type as a design element
  • Creating dynamic transitions
  • Creating and using color palettes
  • Working with particles to create depth
  • Adding details with lighting
  • Integrating audio in a project
  • Editing techniques
  • Animating a lower 3rd
  • Animating and styling a map
  • Building a storyboard


Hello, my name is Ian Robinson and I would like to welcome you to Motion: Principals of Motion Graphics. In this course, we will go beyond the tools and focus on some of the workflows and techniques designers use to create motion graphics. We will starts by exploring visual and audio inspiration to begin planning the design of the motion graphics package. We will go into the particulars of how text is manipulated in Motion, so that it can be animated in dynamic ways. We will look at how to design the complimentary power of colors that you can apply the elements in an animation to give it a specific emotional resonance.

And finally, we will apply the techniques covered in this course to create a complete motion graphics package. Now whether you are full-time motion designer or an editor looking to round out your skills, this course will introduce you to some workflows and techniques that you can use to design great motion graphics.

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