Moodle 1.9 Essential Training for Teachers

with Chris Mattia
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Moodle 1.9 Essential Training for Teachers
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Moodle is an online tool that allows educators to interact with students outside the classroom and manage a course from anywhere. In Moodle Essential Training for Teachers, Chris Mattia shows how this program works for teachers on three levels: disseminating information, creating a forum where ideas are exchanged, and assessing the progress of students. Chris shows how to build course materials with Moodle's HTML editor, post assignments, and save time by using Moodle's grade book to evaluate tests automatically and organize scores. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Installing and configuring Moodle
  • Preparing media files for distribution inside a Moodle course
  • Posting instructions on the course home page
  • Setting up course-specific glossaries and databases
  • Building assignments students can complete online
  • Using Moodle's built-in email and discussion boards
  • Creating a wiki inside Moodle for students to build and contribute content
  • Developing multimedia exams to assess course comprehension
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(upbeat music) - Hi, and welcome to Moodle Essential Training for Teachers. I'm Chris Mattia, Educational Technologist at Art Center College of Design and owner of Callinectes Training. Moodle is an online tool that educators can use to interact and engage with students outside of the time spent physically in a classroom. Moodle works for teachers on three levels: disseminating knowledge and information, creating a collaborative community where ideas can be exchanged, and assessing the progress of students.

Here are few of the features I'll be teaching as I guide you through building a complete course in coral reef ecology. We'll begin by going step by step through everything you need to know to install and configure Moodle. Then we'll get into all the essential skills you'll need to get the information flowing online, like creating online assignments as well as how to create and prepare images, audio, and video for distribution inside of your Moodle course. We'll also learn about Moodle's built-in HTML editor and how to unlock the full potential of building online course materials.

We'll move on to features that will make communicating with your students easier. Like posting instructions on your Moodle course home page and building assignments that your students can complete online. You'll find that Moodle offers several ways for students to communicate and collaborate. With built-in email, discussion boards and its ability to post announcements. Students can also interact by creating a wiki inside of Moodle where they can build and contribute content. When it comes to assessing your students, Moodle offers you a slew of time saving tools.

We'll go deep into Moodle's Grade Book and we'll develop a multimedia exam to assess your student's comprehension of the subject matter for your course. Then I'll show you how Moodle can even handle the grading for you. This is just the tip of the Moodle iceberg, there's a lot more Moodle can do to save you time and enhance your student's learning experience. So let's get started.

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