Gradebook overview

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Gradebook overview

Throughout this course we've been creating assignments and activities for our students to complete. Now it's time to get down to the task of grading all of this work, and Moodle has a really nice built-in gradebook that will not only help you get your grading done but it will also distribute your grades directly out to your students if you so choose. To get started with the gradebook, all we need to do is go over to the left-hand side of our course into the Settings block and click on the link for Grades.

When the Gradebook first loads, you are generally taken into the Grader Report. Now there are two modes for this Grader Report. There's the Regular view which we are seeing here or if you come up to the upper right-hand corner, there is a Turn editing on button. If you hit the Turn editing on link, you may have seen this when you first came into the Gradebook. It really depends on which view you are in the last time you were in your gradebook. When editing is turned on, you are able to enter grades for an assignment right inside the Main view of the gradebook, scroll to the bottom and hit the Update button to commit those changes.

Let's go ahead and scroll back up and Turn editing off. This just simplifies our view a little bit as we are touring around the gradebook. The next thing to point out is the dropdown menu here at the top. This dropdown menu allows you to access the various modes or areas of the gradebook. It allows you to access the various views or reports that you may want to run. The Grader Report is the one that we are currently looking at but we can also look at the user report which is a detailed report of all the items for a particular user.

All you do is select the user that you want to look at the grades for over in the right-hand column, say for instance, Sally Jones and now you're looking at all the specific grades for that student. Also from the dropdown menu, you're able to access items such as Categories and items. If we click into the Simple view for Categories, here we can see a breakdown of all the Categories and if we scroll down we can see all of the individual assignments that have been assigned to any one particular area. Go ahead and scroll back up to the top and click the dropdown menu again.

Next, we have an area for Scales. Now Scales allows you to create your own custom grading scales. If you will be able assign some kind of a keyword and have it relate to a particular grade. This works very similar to Letters. Letters allows you to assign a letter grade and have Moodle record a point value for that grade. The Import function allows you to import either Comma Separated or CSV files or XML files to import grades directly back into your Gradebook.

The Export function allows you to do just the opposite. It allows you to take your gradebook and export it out in a standardized format, such as OpenDocument spreadsheet, Plain text or Excel spreadsheets. If we scroll down, we can see there are a few other options. We can go into the overall course settings for the gradebook, which allow us to control how our grades are going to be set up and allow us to show and hide specific reports that we may want to see. Go ahead and scroll back up, click the dropdown menu again, if we scroll all the way to the bottom, we also have My Preferences for the Grader Report.

If we go into that option, here you can go in and you can set up how you want the Grader Report to work specifically for you. Throughout the examples in this chapter I'm going to go ahead and use the Default settings, but feel free to look around and try some of these other settings and see what works for you and your particular style of grading. Let's go ahead and return back to the Grader Report by clicking the dropdown menu and scrolling back up to the top and clicking on Grader Report. A couple of other things to point out about the Grader Report. When we look at our Gradebook, we see that our students are listed along the left-hand column with all of the categories that we have created in earlier movie listed along the top, any assignment that we've created, that we have assigned to a particular Grade Category automatically shows up underneath of that Grade Category and is ready for us to fill in the values for the grades.

For a particular student, if we want to get a quick snapshot of that student, we can simply click on the small icon, right after their name and we are taken directly to that student's User report. Here we can look at all the specifics of a particular student. We can always return back to our Grader Report by going back to the dropdown menu at the top. All the items that are up here in the Grader Report can also be accessed over in the Settings block on the left-hand side. So you have quick access to all these settings all the time.

As we look through the Gradebook, we scroll over to the right-hand side. we can notice that our Final Exam has not been put into a particular category. In the next movie, we will take care that.

Gradebook overview
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Gradebook overview provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Chris Mattia as part of the Moodle 2.1 Essential Training for Teachers

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