Moodle 2.1 Essential Training for Students

with Chris Mattia
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Moodle 2.1 Essential Training for Students
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In this course, author Chris Mattia explores Moodle's rich learning environment and helps students successfully navigate a typical Moodle course. Serving as a reference guide, the course provides instruction on key Moodle functions, such as posting materials to student's blog, participating in live chats with other students, completing assignments online, accessing grades and instructor feedback, and more.

Topics include:
  • Customizing a student profile
  • Maintaining a personal blog
  • Messaging inside Moodle
  • Managing personal calendars
  • Viewing documents
  • Using Moodle's built-in discussion boards
  • Collaborating with other students using wikis
  • Contributing online glossaries
  • Taking an online quiz
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- Hi, and welcome to Moodle 2, essential training for students. I'm Chris Mattia. In this course, we'll explore how Moodle provides you with a rich environmnet of information, resources, and activities to enhance your learning experience. We'll go over a variety of Moodle's features, including posting material to a class forum, and contributing to an online glossary. I'll show you how you can complete assignments online, as well as contribute content to Moodle's Wiki. So you, and the rest of your class can collaborate on projects together.

Now, keep in mind, your school's Moodle environment may have a slightly different look from what you see in this course. Every teacher will use Moodle in a unique way, but this video training series should be a good reference guide for you to learn how to use all the various tools inside of Moodle. Let's get started with Moodle 2 essential training for students.

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