Job Hunting Online

with Jolie Miller
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Job Hunting Online
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Find your next job online! First, get clear on your objectives, and then discover how to use popular job hunting and networking sites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Simply Hired, and Glassdoor to locate jobs. Discover how to take advantage of each site's tools for job hunters and learn how to interact with hiring managers and recruiters.

Then take a quick workshop on applying for a job—from finding the ad to researching the company, tailoring your resume and cover letter, and submitting the application.

Topics include:
  • Making a plan for job hunting
  • Using popular job sites such as Monster, Simply Hired, and Indeed
  • Networking and finding jobs on LinkedIn
  • Using Twitter to search for jobs
  • Scanning sites of companies you want to work for
  • Approaching recruiters


(elegant music) - [Jolie] Hi, my name is Jolie Miller and a warm welcome to Job Hunting Online. In this course we'll walk through on and offline prep you'll need to do to get ready to job hunt. Then we'll take a tour of job hunting on LinkedIn and discover how to interact with other prominent job boards such as Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and indeed. Rather than taking you through every feature of these sites, I'll show you the most relevant tips you'll need to navigate each interface with ease and speed.

We'll also discuss how to work with recruiters and scan company websites to find jobs. The course wraps up with a hands on workshop where we'll follow the job hunting process from start to finish. Finding the right ad, customizing a resume and cover, and clicking submit. The motto for this course is always be job hunting! Whether you need a new position right away, might look in the next few months, or happy where you are. It keeps you informed about your industry, trends, and changing qualifications employers are looking for.

So let's get started Job Hunting Online.

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