Editing the lead vocal

show more Editing the lead vocal provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Skye Lewin as part of the Melodyne Advanced Techniques show less
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Editing the lead vocal

You can edit your tracks in any order that you like, but I usually prefer to start with the Lead vocal and build around it. The reason for this is because it's usually better to have the Lead vocal's pitch and timing where you want at first since all the other vocal tracks are going to fit around it and need to play nice with it. In this chapter we'll look at a few different approaches for editing our Lead vocal, but first, let's just take a minute to get familiar with the song. You may have already been listening to it, but if you haven't, now is a good time to pause and just have a listen through. Now that you have heard the song a little bit, you have an idea of what we're going to be working with.

Let's set the session up, get it ready to actually start our editing. So, since we're going to start with the Lead vocal, what I usually like to do is mute all of the tracks that we're not going to edit, so that I can listen to the entire arrangement without hearing all of the additional vocals until I'm actually ready to edit them. So first, let's go to the Mixer, Shift+Command+M or Shift+Ctrl+M, I'm just going to start at the end and mute all of my background tracks. And there is quite a few of them, so it can take a minute. If you have a control surface, you can probably cut a little time off in this process.

So now, all we're going to hear when we play back is just our instrumental track and our lead vocal. I am going to close the Mixer, I'm going to locate the cursor right before the Lead vocal comes in and just have a listen and make sure everything is right. (music playing) I am going to open the Mixer again and just drop the instrumental a little more before we start. (music playing) Cool. Now when I open the editor window by, double clicking the note blobs on one of the tracks, or by using the key command Shift+ Command+E or Shift+Ctrl+E, we can now see that track in our Edit window and from here... (music playing) ...we can choose to play only the visible track, we can play the arrangement, which will also play any unmuted tracks. (music playing) Or we can play selected which we'll use later, but what that does is when you have multiple tracks that have been selected in that same Edit window, it allows you to hear all of those tracks, as long as they are unmuted, from the same editor window.

So I'm going to set this back to Play arrangement, I am going to select our first Lead vocal again, and let's get started on editing.

Editing the lead vocal
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Editing the lead vocal provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Skye Lewin as part of the Melodyne Advanced Techniques

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