Using Auto-Titler

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Using Auto-Titler

One of the most powerful tools in Marquee is called AutoTitler, which allows you to create multiple titles of the same template based on information in a simple text document. Let's take a look at how it works. Now here's my title from when I created Tony's title for the Urban Nutcracker and it's a template that I want to use for all the people in the production. So we're going to do a few things to this title, but to better explain it I'm going to load one of Avid's template titles so that we can analyze each of the text boxes.

Go ahead and fire up a new title and load one of these templates. And I'm going to access the Layers and if I click on this top text box you'll see that it corresponds with this entry here. It's called Text Box 1. If I click on the lower text box you'll see it corresponds with Text Box 2. Now it's small but it's important that these are named exactly like this so AutoTitler will function correctly.

Okay, so I'm just going to close this out and we are back to our own template, and if I look at the Layers in here you'll notice that they are both just called Text Box. So I'm going to click on this one. See which one it is. It's actually the lower one. And I'm just going to type in 1 and click here and that corresponds to the one on top and we'll call that Text Box 2. Again, small change but it's going to really matter.

Let's go to a simple text document and start entering in some data. Let's go ahead and enter in the first line of data, which is the person. Let's say David Jones was the Director and the second line corresponds to that Text Box 2 entry. Then you hit Enter twice and enter your next group of data. Hit Enter twice and so on.

I have a completed cast list, which I will access. So we'll go ahead and close this. Once you setup your template appropriately and have renamed your Layers you simply come up to the File menu > AutoTitler, and I'm going to navigate my credit list which is credits2 and Open. Go ahead and Start on number 1. And what it's doing right now is creating a title from every piece of data that I entered into my text document.

All possible titles have been created, OK. And you can't see anything right now, but it's because it's a full HD image. You have to kind of scroll down a little bit, but there we go. All of the titles can be accessed via the Window menu and you can pull-up any one that you like. Okay, so we're just going to save them all to the bin. And right now it's creating the titles to send to Media Composer.

This was the first one that I was on. I am not going to save that one. Cancel. And all of the titles are being created. I have a bin specifically setup for this. I recommend that you create one too. And here are all of our titles created by AutoTitler all in our bin ready to go. As you can see AutoTitler really cuts down the amount of time it takes to create multiple titles they all use the same template.

So if you frequently edit shows with a lot of lower thirds or slates you'll find yourself using this tool all the time.

Using Auto-Titler
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Using Auto-Titler provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Ashley Kennedy as part of the Avid Media Composer 5 Essential Training

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