Touring the Select Project window

show more Touring the Select Project window provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Ashley Kennedy as part of the Avid Media Composer 6 Essential Training show less
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Touring the Select Project window

In this movie, we'll talk about setting up a project and user setting for starting a project in Avid Media Composer. I'm going to launch Media Composer by clicking on my Media Composer alias on my desktop, and if I was working on a Mac, I'd of course click on the icon within my Dock. Media Composer works equally as well on both Mac and a PC. Now, we're brought to a screen called the Select Project window. Here's where you're going to make choices about which user profile to use and which project to work on.

Right now, I have my user profile loaded up, and it happens to be the same name as my operating system log-on, and it's the only one available to me right now. If I wanted to create a new user profile, I would just click on Create User Profile and only in this default. And the reason for that is that if I ever need to go back to the Media Composer Default factory settings, I can do that easily. However, I do want to use my own user settings because user settings are customizable.

It allows me to have a unique editing experience in regard to what tools are available to me, how I access those tools, the arrangements of windows in my user interface, and so on. In this way, Media Composer editors can isolate exactly how they like to work, make a user profile, and access those settings every time they edit. Many experienced editors consider their user profile one of the most important parts of feeling at home in the editing environment. It allows them to move quickly and instinctually through the editing process.

We'll go into customizing user settings in another movie. One other option within this dropdown is Import User or User Profile. I would choose this if I had already created a user profile and had them stored somewhere. This allows editors to travel from system to system and bring their user profile with them. In the middle of the screen are three radio buttons that tell me where my project is located: Private, Shared, and External. The Private location refers to a folder in my user's Document folder.

I would choose this if I'm working alone on the system and I'm not sharing the project with anyone else. If I need to create a new project in this location, I click on New Project. And I immediately want to rename this. And I have a number of options that I need to choose from, which are located right here. Under Format, I can choose from a number of standard-definition NTSC and PAL choices and lots of HD options. Now, I happened to know that my footage was shot in 1080i59 94, and I'm going to choose that here.

I also have options for Aspect Ratio, Color Space, Raster Dimension, and this 3D option. Now I'm not working in 3D so I'm going to leave that off, and we're also not matching back to film so I'm going to leave that unchecked, and I'll press OK. Now I have a project located in the Private location. If I move on to Shared, I would choose this if I am working on this computer with another editor that has a different log-on. It's in a Shared Avid Projects folder, and as you can see, there's nothing located here right now.

For External, this is a location that is anywhere else that's not in the Private Projects folder or Shared Projects folder. This can be a flash drive location, as indicated here, or my computer's desktop or anywhere else in my computer system. This is a flexible option that allows me to dictate exactly where I want my project to live. The way that I dictate that is clicking on this folder here and navigating to that location. Now, I happen to know that my projects are located on my desktop.

I have my desktop selected. Right in here in this folder called exercise files, and it's in Avid Projects. I'm going to go ahead and say OK, and here are the two projects located in that folder. So now that we've appropriately located a project and loaded our user setting, I can simply click on my project, Swing Dancing BASIC, and press OK. Media Composer launches, the project opens, and we're ready to edit.

Touring the Select Project window
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Touring the Select Project window provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Ashley Kennedy as part of the Avid Media Composer 6 Essential Training

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