Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started

with Steve Holyhead
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Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started
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In Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started, author Steve Holyhead explores the tools and techniques in Media Composer for producing great looking video, as well as the basics of high definition media formats. This course walks through the video production workflow from input to editing to output, covers key information such as trim concepts and frame rates, and introduces techniques such as color correction, footage stabilization, and real-time audio effects. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Working with clips, bins, and folders
  • Importing media
  • Creating sequences
  • Editing in the Timeline
  • Using the Splice, Overwrite, and Three-Point editing techniques
  • Trimming sequences
  • Refining audio
  • Adding and keyframing effects
  • Compositing
  • Mixing down audio and video
Media Composer


- Hi, I'm Steve Holyhead and this is Media Composer 5: Getting Started. Media Composer has been used for a long time in TV and film production, but these days, being able to produce great looking videos is essential for all types of business, and these skills give you the edge as an employee or contractor. In this course, we'll explore the world of Media Composer from input, to editing, to output, and I'll explain the basics of the tools, the technology, and HD media formats in plain English.

Now, if you're new to editing or Media Composer or both, then this course will provide you with some great liftoff. I'll walk you through the Media Composer workflow and interface, so that you have the skills to get creative. In less than half a day, you'll be ready to edit your first project. Now, if you already work with Media Composer, then you'll want to take a look at the new interface, tools, and editing functionality that Media Composer 5 brings to the table, making your life as an editor easier and more productive.

Whatever your interest in Media Composer 5, after this course, you'll have a refreshed and simplified understanding of HD formats, trim concepts, and frame rates. We'll also introduce color correction, stabilizing shaky footage, and real time audio effects, tools which will take your production to the next level. I'm really excited to be part of bringing you this course. So, let's dive into Media Composer 5: Getting Started.

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