Working with HumanIK Rigs in Maya

with Adam Crespi
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Working with HumanIK Rigs in Maya
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Find out how to set up the HumanIK rigging system in Autodesk Maya and start creating realistic skeletons for your 3D characters. This course shows how to build the bone structure, adjust its size, and add controls. Once the skeleton is defined, author Adam Crespi shows how to animate the rig, and retarget the animation onto other characters. The course also includes an exploration of nonlinear animation using the Trax Editor, and instructions for sending the rig to MotionBuilder to map motion capture data.

Topics include:
  • Planning the workflow
  • Creating the skeleton
  • Creating animation clips in the Trax Editor
  • Baking animation
  • Sending control rigs to MotionBuilder
3D + Animation


- Hi, I'm Adam Crespi, and welcome to Working with HumanIK Rigs in Maya. In this course, we'll look at creating a HumanIK rig and the structure of the HumanIK rig as a flexible system for rigging an animation. I'll start by showing you how to create a skeleton and attach a Control rig to it, or remap a custom rig. Then I'll show you how to select parts of the rig, using either full body IK that's built in, or working with body parts and using FK if needed. We'll see how to create animations and edit them in the Trax Editor for mapping when retargeting onto other characters, using character sets and the character mapper.

We'll take our characters over to Autodesk MotionBuilder to look at interoperability with the HumanIK rig in both applications. This will let you map motion capture data onto a rig and bring it across cleaned into Maya. Now let's get started with Working with HumanIK Rigs in Maya.

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