Understanding Maya nCloth

with Aaron F. Ross
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Understanding Maya nCloth
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Take an in-depth look at nCloth, the Maya toolkit for simulating high-resolution mesh cloth for 3D characters and animations. Author Aaron F. Ross explains the roles played by the various "actors" in an nCloth simulation, including the nucleus solver, nCloth objects, passive colliders, and nConstraints. The course begins with basic simulations such as flags and ropes, then progresses to building a simple garment, until finally integrating animation and special effects like falling leaves and tearing cloth. Aaron also covers performance optimization techniques such as nCloth and nucleus solver settings, proxy objects, collision layers, the Wrap deformer, and more.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the nucleus solver
  • Adopting a scale convention
  • Adjusting nCloth and nRigid attributes
  • Creating and animating nConstraints
  • Editing nConstraint membership and influence
  • Smoothing nCloth with subdivision surfaces
  • Storing and manipulating simulation data with nCache
  • Improving simulation quality and efficiency
  • Dressing an animated character
  • Painting dynamic attributes such as Stickiness
  • Simulating many objects such as falling leaves
3D + Animation


- Welcome to Understanding Maya nCloth. My name is Aaron F. Ross. nCloth is Maya's cloth module for the Nucleus Simulation Framework. In this course we'll cover the following topics. Employing best practices for modeling cloth, achieving physically accurate simulations, optimizing performance, applying constraints to connect cloth to other objects, storing simulations to disk with nCash, dressing an animated character, generating special effects such as falling leaves, and more.

It's my pleasure to share my experience with you now.

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