Modeling Vehicles in Maya

with Ryan Kittleson
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Modeling Vehicles in Maya
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In this course, Ryan Kittleson models a fully detailed Shelby Cobra automobile using both polygon and NURBS modeling techniques. The body, wheels, and interior are all modeled from scratch using blueprints and reference photos. The course covers aspects of modeling useful for many types of objects that go beyond automobiles, such as modeling complex shapes, editing NURBs objects, and creating clean models from scan data.

Topics include:
  • Setting up Maya for modeling
  • Using Blinn materials for modeling
  • Importing a scanned or sculpted model
  • Extruding polygons
  • Modeling with image planes
  • Dealing with body panels like the hood and doors
  • Creating detailed tire tread
  • Making the wheel rims
  • Modeling the seats, steering wheel, and shifter
  • Making rivets
  • Working symmetrically
3D + Animation


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Ryan Kittleson, and welcome to Modeling Vehicles in Maya. In this course, we'll be creating a Shelby Cobra from blueprints and photo reference. Additionally, I'll introduce how to begin modeling a concept car based on 3D scan data. I'll cover the whole process of vehicle modeling, from basic polygon editing, to the finer points of curve-based construction. The things you'll learn here will help with all kinds of modeling, not just for vehicles. I'll be showing not just how the tools work, but how I apply them in professional practice.

This course is for intermediate and advanced Maya users. You should already know the basics of the Maya interface, and how to interact with objects in your scene. Some existing knowledge of modeling is also helpful, but not required. Well I'm excited to start Modeling Vehicles in Maya, and I hope you are too, let's get to it.

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