Modeling an F1 Wheel in Maya

with Veejay Gahir
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Modeling an F1 Wheel in Maya
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Once you've drawn your initial product design, it's time to take it to a 3D program for modeling. Veejay Gahir takes the initial sketch of a Formula 1 steering wheel from the first part of this series and shows you how to model and render a fully realized version in Maya. He shows how to import the sketch, use box and freeform modeling techniques to create the basic shape, and add details like buttons, dials, and decals. Finally, Veejay shows how to add texture and lights and render out the final view of your model.

This course uses an F1 wheel as an example project, but the techniques can be applied to any other automotive or consumer product. For more information, watch the first part of this series, Sketching an F1 Wheel in SketchBook.

Topics include:
  • Importing the reference image
  • Snapping polygons
  • Creating quads and solids
  • Adding chamfered edges
  • Mirroring across a center line
  • Adding buttons and handles
  • Positioning lights
  • Setting up your render
3D + Animation CAD


- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Veejay Gahir, and welcome to Modeling an F1 Wheel in Maya. The goal of this course is to demonstrate a typical workflow used in Maya to model a formula one steering wheel, and how to use a concept drawing to start the modeling process. We will start by importing a sketches and image plane. By using a combination of box modeling and free form modeling techniques, we will create the basic shape, and then continue refining the shape by manipulation of edges, vertices, and faces. Next, I will show you how to add details in the form of buttons, dials, and decals.

Finally, we will look at applying simple textures and discuss how lighting can have a dramatic effect on the finished model. Even though we'll be using an F1 wheel for this course, the techniques we will cover can be applied to automotive and consumer products alike. We'll be covering all of these features plus many other tools and techniques. So let's get started with Modeling a Formula One Wheel in Maya.

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