Maya Tips and Tricks

with Aaron F. Ross
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Maya Tips and Tricks
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Do you want to make working in Maya easier and more efficient? This collection of over 40 tips and tricks will help you work smarter, not harder. Aaron F. Ross shares his productivity tips for creating, merging, and archiving projects; customizing the interface; and adjusting preferences to set up Maya just the way you like it. Learn how to enable versioning and define hot keys that will place often hidden commands right at your fingertips. Plus, Aaron will show you how to integrate with other applications, optimize Maya's performance, create scene references and proxies, and lay out heavy scenes with assemblies.

Topics include:
  • Managing projects assets
  • Versioning scenes
  • Importing, exporting, and sending scenes to other applications
  • Referencing files
  • Populating a master scene with assembly references
  • Loading and unloading modules
  • Setting options for new scenes
  • Customizing Maya's interface
3D + Animation


- [Aaron] Welcome to Maya Tips and Tricks. My name is Aaron F. Ross. The goal of this course is to familiarize you with essential methods for file management, customization, and interoperability with other programs. Some of the topics we'll discuss include working with project folders and dependent files, customizing the Maya user interface, controlling scale, units of measurement, and grid options, listing and defining hot keys, creating scene references and proxies, optimizing performance with Alembic Pipeline Cache files, and laying out heavy scenes with Scene Assembly.

Let's explore this astounding 3D package in Maya Tips and Tricks.

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