Maya Essentials 1: Interface and Organization

with George Maestri
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Maya Essentials 1: Interface and Organization
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The Maya Essentials with George Maestri is a staggered introduction to Maya, designed in installments that can be completed within two hours. This first course in the series introduces designers to the Maya environment and shows them how to move objects and keep scenes organized. Discover how to navigate within your projects; configure viewports; select, move, rotate, and scale objects; and create layers and groups.

Topics include:
  • Configuring your computer to work best with Maya
  • Setting preferences
  • Enabling plug-ins
  • Using the Hotbox
  • Using the Move tool
  • Manipulating pivots
  • Understanding the Channel Box
  • Creating hierarchies
  • Hiding and showing objects
  • Working with selection masks
3D + Animation


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm George Maestri and welcome to Maya Essentials 1 Interface and Organization. In this first course, we'll go over the basic interface of Maya. We'll also go through how to navigate, how to configure Maya Viewports and so on. And then we'll get into manipulating objects. We'll show you how to select objects, how to use the move tool, as well as rotate and scale objects. And finally, we'll talk a little bit about organization.

How to name objects, how to work with the Outliner and the Hypergraph, as well as creating layers and selection masks. Let's go ahead and get started with Maya Essentials 1 Interface and Organization.

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