Game Prop Creation in Maya

with Adam Crespi
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Game Prop Creation in Maya
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Explore the world of modeling and texturing 3D game props and assets in Autodesk Maya. Author Adam Crespi provides strong technical modeling techniques, from blocking basic forms and leveraging simple parts and reusable textures, to simulating real-world detail like dirt, wear, and grain with UV maps and ambient occlusion. The course includes workflow and integration considerations such as planning UV space for projection, and also steps into Mudbox and Unity for further refinement.

Topics include:
  • Planning for modular textures and models
  • Blocking out the overall form of a prop
  • Moving and sewing UVs
  • Laying out UV coordinates
  • Texturing with bump maps
  • Converting bump maps to normal maps
  • Unwrapping and cloning objects
  • Breaking up a model for texturing
  • Painting textures from scratch
  • Adding detail with beveling and extruding
  • Baking high poly model onto a low poly model
  • Painting in Mudbox
  • Importing and assigning objects and maps in Unity
  • Adding lights in Unity
3D + Animation
Maya Unity


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Adam Crespi, and welcome to Creating Game Props in Maya. In this course, we'll look at modeling props for games. We'll start with a good, low-poly workflow and explore unwrapping and stacking UVs. We'll look at ways to paint textures from scratch and apply them both as a texture sheet and unique textures. We'll explore digital sculpting in our pipeline and look at the best way to bake out ambient occlusion in normal maps. Finally, we'll look at importing into Unity, taking our props into a game engine and seeing how they work in light as we run around.

We'll be following all these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques. Now let's get started creating some game props in Maya.

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