Creating Shader Networks in Maya and mental ray

with Aaron F. Ross
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Creating Shader Networks in Maya and mental ray
Video duration: 0s 5h 28m Intermediate


Dive deep into the Hypershade window and shader creation with Maya and the mental ray rendering engine. In this course, author Aaron F. Ross shows how to create materials and shaders for 3D objects, characters, and landscapes, with reflectivity, transparency, and amazing texture. Become more comfortable building shader networks and open up a lot of new possibilities for creative surfaces in Maya.

Topics include:
  • Getting familiar with Hypershade
  • Making and breaking connections
  • Using mental ray materials
  • Adding reflectivity with ray tracing
  • Rendering refractions
  • Mapping translucence
  • Adding surface relief detail
  • Adjusting and combining textures
  • Constructing a stylized non-photoreal shader
  • Working with math and utility nodes
  • Rendering ink and paint with Maya Toon
3D + Animation


- Hello, I'm Aaron F. Ross and welcome to Creating Shader Networks in Maya and mental ray. In this course, we'll examine Maya's hyper shade material editor in depth. We'll customize core material attributes, such as diffuse color and specular highlights. I'll show you how to achieve commonly needed material effects, including glossiness and reflection, transparency and translucence and surface relief or roughness. In the hyper shade, we'll see how to work most efficiently by duplicating nodes and constructing branching networks. The mental ray renderer offers many advanced features not found in the standard Maya software renderer.

I'll show you how to leverage it's power by employing mental ray specific materials and maps. Additionally, we'll take a look at constructing non-photo reel materials for stylized artistic looks. The course concludes with an introduction to Maya Tune. Maya's feature set for building shader networks is deep and powerful. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you in creating shader networks in Maya and mental ray.

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