Creating Product Shots in Maya

with Aaron F. Ross
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Creating Product Shots in Maya
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Creating virtual product shots reduces the need for photography. But those shots need to be accurately shaded, lighted, and rendered to seem realistic. That's when you turn to Maya. Its toolset for materials and lighting is almost limitless. In this course, you'll learn to shade, light, and render a product shot in Maya. Aaron F. Ross is your guide through the entire production workflow, starting with a prebuilt CAD model. Aaron uses mental ray's mia_material_x shader, constructs several different lighting setups, renders to separate passes, and color corrects in Adobe After Effects. Let Maya's power help you present product renderings in their best light.

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Topics include:
  • Understanding the scene layout, hierarchy, and display layers
  • Working with mia_material_x
  • Creating and optimizing mental ray area lights
  • Generating reflections with self-illuminated white cards
  • Providing indirect illumination with Final Gathering
  • Image-based lighting with high dynamic range files
  • Rendering to a 32-bit file format
  • Saving material and lighting components to render passes
  • Adding ambient occlusion
  • Layering and color correction in After Effects
3D + Animation CAD


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Aaron F. Ross, and I'm pleased to share my knowledge about creating product shots in Maya. In this course, we use Maya and Adobe After Effects to produce several versions of a product rendering. The learning outcomes are informed by real world production workflows. Our jumping off point is a CAD model created in a solid modeling program for industrial designers and mechanical engineers. In Maya, we apply materials, light, and render the shot. We employ several lighting methods, including aerial lights, image based lighting, and self illumination.

For maximum control over the look of the shot, we render out the various components, such as diffuse elimination and reflections, to separate passes. To color correct and sweeten the rendering, we combine all the passes in After Effects. Let's begin creating product shots in Maya.

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