Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop

with Adam Crespi
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Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop
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This course is a practical guide to constructing 3D buildings that can be used to populate video game environments. Author Adam Crespi starts with a gas station taken from a photograph—retrieving measurements and dimensions with modular blocking and planning techniques in Adobe Photoshop—and then re-creates the building in Maya with polygonal modeling and advanced texturing techniques. The course shows how to model elements such as walls, doors, and roofs, including stacking UVs on a texture sheet, and also sheds light on simulating real-world details like dirt, wear, and grime, using ambient occlusion and normal baking in a high- to low-poly workflow. The final chapter shows how to export the model to the Unity gaming engine for final cleanup and rendering.

Topics include:
  • Analyzing concept art for contours, texture, and shadow detail
  • Blocking out the basic form of a building
  • Modeling modular elements
  • Planning for occlusion and texture stacking
  • Creating the low-poly-count elements
  • Planning a texture sheet
  • Stacking UVs
  • Transferring maps
  • Baking occlusion and normal maps
  • Drawing detail at the right size
  • Painting layers of dirt and wear
  • Adding lights and refining materials
3D + Animation
Maya Photoshop


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Adam Crespi, and welcome to Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop. In this course, we'll look at modular modeling techniques and ways to stack UVs for a texture sheet, getting the most out of our UV space and repeating textures on an object. Additionally, we'll look at ways to paint textures and add layers of dirt, wear and grunge, exploring baking ambient occlusion for both rust and dirt. Finally, we'll export out into Unity, lighting up our model and navigating around to see if things really work in-game.

We'll be covering all these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques, so let's get started with Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop.

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