Creating Fur in Maya

with Aaron F. Ross
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Creating Fur in Maya
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Hair and fur are vital details for realistic 3D models, and their texture can vary wildly—whether soft, prickly, tousled, matted, frizzy, spiky, or straight. This course, with animator Aaron F. Ross, shows you how to create, render, and customize all different types of fur in Maya. Fur starts in Maya with the Fur node, where you attach a fur description and define essential properties. Then you'll learn to map fur to your models with texture and style it with the Paint Fur Attributes tool. Plus, discover how to control shading and shadowing, render out your model in Maya or mental ray, and animate dynamic hair with the nHair system. In the end, you'll have textures you can use to create luxuriant heads of hair, fur of many stripes, and even other materials like grass.

Topics include:
  • Loading the Fur plugin
  • Understanding the Fur node structure
  • Optimizing viewport performance
  • Rendering in Maya and mental ray
  • Adding shadow and shading
  • Setting fur density and scale
  • Adding curl, scraggle, and clumping
  • Styling with the Paint Fur Attributes tool
3D + Animation


- Hi, my name is Aaron F. Ross. And I'm happy to welcome you to Creating Fur in Maya. In this course, we will explore the basics of Maya's Fur Rendering System. Among the topics we'll cover are the following, understanding the Fur Node Structure, optimizing Viewport performance, defining essential fur properties, mapping fur with textures, using the Paint Fur Attributes tool, rendering fur in Maya Software and Mental Ray, controlling fur shading and shadowing, and animating dynamic fur with Nucleus nHair.

Maya's Fur System is an essential tool for character animation. And it can also be used for other purposes, such as rendering grass. It's a powerful, yet intuitive, tool set that makes it easy to add realism to 3D illustrations and visual effects. Let's have some fun creating fur in Maya.

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