Character Animation: Maya

with George Maestri
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Character Animation: Maya
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Watch as author George Maestri employs the basic principles of animation to bring to life simple 3D characters in Maya. Starting with an overview of the character rig, this course provides guidelines for arranging stock characters into strong poses and explains how to generate locomotion between poses in a modular fashion. The course includes step-by-step instructions on animating realistic gestures, walks, runs, facial expressions, and dialogue, and culminates with an animated scene built entirely from scratch.

Prerequisite courses: Maya 2011 Essential Training.

Topics include:
  • Using screen-drawing tools for Windows and Mac
  • Quickly posing characters with custom MEL scripts and layers
  • Understanding forces and their role in creating lifelike animation
  • Sequencing and timing pose-to-pose animation
  • Fine-tuning transitions
  • Animating a character's gait and run
  • Crafting realistic facial expressions
  • Syncing speech to animated dialogue
3D + Animation


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm George Maestri and welcome to Character Animation Fundamentals in Maya. Character animation is a very deep subject. In this course we'll get you up to speed to animate characters in Maya. We'll start off with the basics of putting characters in motion, and then explore pose to pose animation. In doing that we'll also look at some of the principles of animation such as creating weight, forces, overlap, follow through, and secondary motion. After that we'll animate a basic character walk by breaking it down joint by joint.

This basic walk will then be modified to add lots of character. Once you're familiar with walking, we'll take our character for a run and learn how to cycle that run. Facial animation is also an important task for any animator to master. We'll take a look at animating dialogue as well as head turns and facial expressions. Finally we'll put all of this together and animate a scene complete with acting and dialogue. So without further adieu, let's get started with Character Animation Fundamentals in Maya.

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