Creating Particle and Fire Effects with Maya

with Aaron F. Ross
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Creating Particle and Fire Effects with Maya
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Employ Maya particles and fluids to generate stunning special effects simulations, including exploding fireworks, tumbling snowflakes, and burning flames. Using a project-based approach, Aaron F. Ross shows how to emit and render particles, write expressions to control and fine-tune effects, and animate and shade dynamic fluids. The course also includes tutorials on batch rendering and compositing in After Effects.

Topics include:
  • Laying out the scene
  • Sketching particles on a Live object
  • Connecting particles to Fields such as Gravity
  • Emitting particles from particles
  • Varying particle shader attributes
  • Modeling and shading for the Particle Instancer
  • Importing and instancing geometry onto particles
  • Randomizing particle rotation with Creation and Runtime Expressions
  • Adding Turbulence
  • Rendering depth of field with mental ray
  • Creating 3D Fluid containers
  • Emitting dynamic fluid attributes from an object
  • Animating a dynamic fluid
  • Using a fluid for atmosphere
  • Modulating light intensity with a noise expression
3D + Animation


- Hi I'm Aaron F. Ross and I'd like to welcome you to creating particle and fire effect with Maya. Autodesk Maya is one of the premier applications for visual effects and digital asset creation. In this course I'll show you how to create stunning effects with particle systems and fluid dynamics. We'll take a project-based approach to illustrate how these advanced tools integrate with the real world production workflow. In three short projects, we'll examine classic particles, nucleus particles, and dynamic fluids.

I'll lead you through generating dynamic simulations of exploding fireworks, tumbling snowflakes, and burning flames. Along the way I'll show you how to control these effects with fields and scripted expressions. We'll cut though the complexities of Maya and focus on the most common needed features of dynamics tool set. Now let's begin creating particle and fire effects with Maya.

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