Maya 2011 New Features

with George Maestri
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Maya 2011 New Features
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Author George Maestri explores the significant and robust feature set in Maya 2011 that add functionality for its 3D workflows in Maya 2011 New Features. This course covers the addition of Bezier curves for NURBS modelers, the Connect Component and Spin Edge tools in the polygonal modeling mode, and rigging tools for character animation. Enhancements to rendering and special effects are also reviewed. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Choosing colors with the Color Picker
  • Using the new Shelf Editor
  • Adjusting skin weights with color feedback with Paint Skin Weights
  • Connecting characters to skeletons with Interactive Skin Bind
  • Making object-level soft selections
  • Constraining objects to polys
  • Using the camera sequencer
  • Exploring the Hypershade window improvements
3D + Animation


(rushing air) - Hi! I am George Maestri, and welcome to Maya 2011 New Features. Maya 2011 has introduced a number of new features to make the software more robust and easy to use. Probably the most important new feature is the brand-new interface that gives Maya an updated look. Included in this new interface is a great new color chooser and enhancements to a number of important menus. For those who do NURBS modeling, the addition of Bezier Curves gives you a whole new way to draw in Maya.

Polygonal modelers will appreciate the new Connect Component and Spin Edge tools, as well as Object Level Soft Selection. Character animators will appreciate the new rigging tools in Maya. These include new ways to visualize and select joints, colored feedback for adjusting skin weights, and interactive skin bind, which is a whole new way to connect a character to a skeleton. So let's get started with Maya 2011 New Features.

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