Maya 2009 New Features

with George Maestri
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Maya 2009 New Features
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In Maya 2009 New Features, George Maestri demonstrates several breakthrough updates in the latest version of this 3D modeling, rendering, and animation tool. He explores the upgrades to the interface and covers soft selection and other modeling tools. George then delves into more complex new features, including the Asset Manager for organizing objects and nodes within a scene; animation layering to blend, merge, group, reorder, override, and add to preceding layers; Maya Muscle, for creating lifelike skin motion; and nParticles, a new particle system. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Working with the new interface
  • Organizing assets
  • Creating muscles
  • Sculpting muscle shapes
  • Working with nParticles
  • Creating emitters
  • Animating with layers
3D + Animation


(upbeat music) - Hello, and welcome to Maya New Features. I'm George Maestri. As an animation director and producer, I've been using Maya since it was first released and I've seen it add a number of groundbreaking features. In this course, we'll break some more new ground and explore some of the new features of Maya 2009. We'll look at animation layering that allows you to create and edit animation in whole new ways. I'll show you how to blend, merge, group, and reorder animation layers with ease. Then there's Maya Muscle, a powerful tool set that helps you create lifelike skin motion by simulating the muscles that deform the skin.

And if you're interested in creating effects in Maya, you'll be very happy with nParticles, which is a whole new particle system for Maya. nParticles can do all sorts of effects, including smokes, spray, liquids, and pyrotechnics. These are some of the new features I've learned about in Maya 2009 and I'm happy to get you up to speed so you can use them in your own productions. Once you've completed this title, you might want to check out Maya 2009 Essential Training for a broader view on how these new features are used. With that, I'm really looking forward to sharing my knowledge of these great new features with you.

So let's get started with Maya 2009 New Features.

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