Maya 2009 Essential Training

with George Maestri
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Maya 2009 Essential Training
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Maya 2009 Essential Training is designed to provide a strong foundation in this 3D modeling, rendering, and animation tool. George Maestri covers everything from the basics of the interface to bringing models to life with complex animation. He explores object manipulation, NURBS, UV editing, paint effects, and mental ray rendering. George demonstrates Maya's full functionality by building a robot from scratch. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Learning the interface
  • Manipulating objects
  • Modeling polygonal objects
  • Understanding NURBS
  • Using paint effects
  • Creating and placing realistic textures
  • Using mental ray for photorealistic rendering
  • Animating objects and characters
3D + Animation


(upbeat music) - Hi, I'm George Maestri, and welcome to Maya 2009 essential training. I'm an animation director and producer and I've also authored several books on character animation. This year marks Maya's tenth anniversary, and I've been using Maya since its first beta. I'm always impressed by what it can do. In this essential training course, we'll go over Maya's features, and give you the information needed to hit the ground running. First, we'll tackle the interface and how to manipulate objects so you'll be able to get around in Maya 2009 with confidence and ease.

We'll also get you familiar with polygonal modeling, so that you can turn spheres, cubes, and cylinders into more complex objects. Then, we'll move on to nurbs modeling to learn how to create very organic and smooth surfaces. From there, we'll study some advanced modeling concepts and apply them to a design project where we'll build a robot from scratch. Also take a detailed look at creating and manipulating textures in Maya to give your models added depth and realism. Next, we'll move on to rendering and creating photo-realistic images using Maya software renderer, as well as the more powerful mental ray renderer.

- We'll also explore using paint effects to create lush environments and effects. And finally, we'll animate some scenes in Maya 2009 to bring your models to life. I've tried to make this course both fun and effective to help you understand the potential of Maya. I hope you enjoy it.

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