Audio Mastering Techniques

with Bobby Owsinski
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Audio Mastering Techniques
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Mastering audio is the final stage in music production, where the final set of mixed songs are turned into a cohesive album through a variety of processes that make the music sound the best it can, wherever it's played. Join author and producer Bobby Owsinski in this course, as he teaches essential mastering concepts and techniques used by experienced audio engineers. Follow along as he works at Oasis Mastering, a real-world mastering facility, and learn how to apply these techniques to your home or studio setup and make your projects sound better than ever.

First, discover how to configure your monitoring setup, optimize your listening environment, and prepare and print alternative mixes that will allow you to make quick fixes during mastering. Bobby then reviews a selection of dedicated mastering tools that give you precise control over select signal parameters, from compressors to de-essers. He'll discuss the differences between mastering for CD, online distribution, and specifically for iTunes, and how to achieve the best results for each medium. The course wraps with lessons on mastering for high-resolution formats like Blu-ray, as well as delivering and archiving the master recording once the project is complete.

Topics include:
  • What is mastering?
  • Preparing your tracks for mastering
  • Deciding between monitors and headphones
  • Exploring the dynamic range of different music genres
  • Adjusting song balances
  • Compressing the tracks
  • Balancing frequency
  • Reducing sibilance with a de-esser
  • Inserting fades
  • Eliminating noise
  • Mastering CDs, MP3s, and AACs for iTunes
  • Archiving masters
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Hi, I am Bobby Owsinski, author of The Audio Mastering Handbook and 16 other books on mixing and recording in the music business. Welcome to Audio Mastering Techniques. Mastering is the final step in the recording process where you put a group of songs together and make them sound like a record. Throughout this course, I am going to explain not only what this process is but exactly how the pros do it, which is why we are here at Oasis mastering, a world-class mastering facility located in Burbank, California. The idea here isn't to replace a pro mastering engineer and his gear, but more and more people are starting to do their own mastering at home as technology advances.

I would like to help you take your own mastering projects further than you ever thought possible. In this course, I will show you things like how to optimize your listening environment specifically for mastering and how to best prepare your mixes for mastering. Next I will show you all the different mastering tools and how to use them and how to make a master that's loud and punchy. Then we will look at how to master just for CD. I will walk you through the secret to making a great sounding MP3 for online distribution. We will also explore how to master your music for iTunes and discuss the Mastered for iTunes options.

Finally, we will look at mastering for high-res audio discs, television and video and how to properly archive your project in case you have to revisit it at a later date. In this course, we are going to be looking at how to master from within your workstation along with some stand-alone tools as well. So let's get started as we dig deep into the world of mastering with audio mastering techniques.

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