Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO

with Peter Kent
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Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO
Video duration: 0s 1h 47m Intermediate Updated Sep 09, 2015


In this course, search engine optimization (SEO) expert Peter Kent walks step-by-step through the process of reviewing the content and markup of an existing web site to improve its ranking in search engine results. This course offers a consultant's take on how to analyze each component—from keywords to content to code—and determine what improvements are necessary to become more visible to search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google.

This course was updated on 10/12/2012.

Topics include:
  • Understanding why indexing is important
  • Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Dealing with frames, iframes, and popups
  • Working with SEO-friendly URLs
  • Using meta tags
  • Clearing source code clutter
  • Building links within the site
  • Working with Google+
  • Reviewing page content
  • Building and submitting an HTML and XML sitemap
  • Garnering links outside the site
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- Hello and welcome to Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO. I'm Peter Kent and I'll be teaching you what to look for on your website to increase your search engine optimization. When people go online to search for the sorts of products, services, or information you provide, they can find you or they can find your competitors. In this course, I'm going to help you understand a critical area of online marketing, how to connect with people through the search engines. I'll show you the components that you should definitely include in your website, and those you really want to stay away from.

And, if location is important to your business, I'll explain how local search results and local information can really help you grow. This course was designed to help you dig through the clutter to figure out what makes sense and what's important. So, let's get started with Analyzing Your Web Site to Improve SEO.

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