Distributing Mac OS X Applications Through the App Store

with Bill Weinman
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Distributing Mac OS X Applications Through the App Store
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Distributing Mac OS X Applications Through the App Store shows app developers the ropes when it comes to packaging and submitting applications for sale and distribution through Apple's Mac App Store. The course covers the process from creating the icons and screenshots for the store listing, to creating and testing the installer, and finally, promoting an app. It also sheds light on the Apple submission process and offers tips for meeting the review guidelines and increasing the odds of acceptance. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the human interface guidelines for OS X
  • Generating certificates
  • Signing your app and its installer
  • Setting up the Info.plist file
  • Creating and testing the installer
  • Registering an application in iTunes Connect
  • Checking the status of an application
  • Following the Apple marketing guidelines
  • Linking to the App Store
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- Hi, I'm Bill Weinman. And I'd like to welcome you to distributing Mac OS X applications through the app store. In this course, I'll show you hot to prepare, submit, and distribute your Mac OS X app through the Mac app store. I'll cover the various assets your app needs like icons and screen shots. I'll show you how to prepare your application bundle in your installer. And how to submit your app to the store using Apple's iTunes connect portal. Finally, i'll take you through Apple's marketing guidelines and show you some of the tools they provide to help you promote your app and your presence in the Mac app store.

By offering you access to a huge install base of Mac OS X users, the Mac app store represents a great new way to take your application to market. So let's get started. Distributing Mac OS X Applications Through the App Store.

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