Working with bookmarks

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Working with bookmarks

Now let's look at adding and organizing Safari's bookmark. You don't want to have to type in the address of a website every time you visit it. So instead, you create a bookmark for it. So for example, let's say we visit Google all the time because, well, people do. We'll go to, and I will choose Bookmarks and then Add Bookmark. Otherwise, I can simply type Command+D. When I do that, I'm asked where I'd like to save it. I have three options.

I can save it as a Top Site, I can put it in the Bookmarks Bar, or I can put it in the Bookmarks Menu. I'm going to leave it as Bookmarks Bar. If I wanted to alter the name, I could, but I don't need to in this case so I'll click on Add. All right, great! So it's in the Bookmarks Bar, but where is the Bookmarks Bar? Well, you have to go to the View Menu and choose Show Bookmarks Bar, and here it is. Here's Google. Let's see how this works. So I'll click on Google Maps and I'm taken to the Map site. Let's say that I close Safari and I later want to come back to Google.

All I have to do is click on Google in the Bookmarks Bar and I'm taken there. Let's go back to Maps again. Now suppose I want to add Maps to Bookmarks Bar, well I could do Bookmarks > Add Bookmark, or I can simply grab the icon and drag it into the Bookmarks Bar. You see the plus sign indicating it will be added, and sure enough, Google Maps is here now. So, when I want to visit it, I just click on Google Maps and I'm taken directly to it. Now let's take a look at the Bookmark's window.

This is where you can see not only your history, but also the contents of your Bookmarks Bar and your Bookmarks Menu. So if I click on History, I can see the sites that I visited today. Bookmarks Bar shows me both Google and Google Maps, which I just added. And then my Bookmarks Menu, I've populated with some popular websites. Well lets suppose I'd like to add some of these to the Bookmarks Bar, no problem. For example, Daring Fireball, I could grab that, drag it to the Bookmarks Bar folder, and it's automatically entered in Bookmarks Bar.

But look, it's gone from Bookmarks Menu. What if I'd like it in both places? No problem. Choose Bookmarks Bar, hold down the Option key, click and drag on Daring Fireball and take it to Bookmarks Menu. And there it is. So now, it's also available from my menu, as well as being in the Bookmarks Bar. You can also organize your Bookmarks into collections. To do that, click on the plus button. I'll call it My Faves, go to my Bookmarks Menu and Lynda is my fave, and Macworld is my fave, and the BBC is my fave, and I'll Option-drag those into My Faves folder.

And there they are. Well, that's reasonably handy, but I don't really want to have to go to the Bookmark's window just to look at a collection of my favorite bookmarks. So better yet, let's drag it into the Bookmarks Bar. Grab the folder. Drag it up to the Bookmarks Bar. And now, My Faves are there. The little triangle indicates that there are websites attached to it and I can choose the one I want. When I do that, I'm taken to that site. So, that's good. Now let's click on that My Faves folder again.

Notice the Open in Tabs command. Let's give that a go. I select that and all three sides open up in tabs. But I can make it even easier. So I close two of those tabs. We'll go back to the Bookmark's window. I'll choose Bookmarks Bar. I'll select My Faves folder, and then I select Auto-Click and turn it on. Now, let's see how that works. I'll go to Google for now. Now I'll click on My Faves and when I do that, because I have Auto-Click turned on, it opens up any website that's part of that collection.

So it's a quick and easy way to get all your favorite websites up with one click. Here's one more trick. Go to one of your favorite websites. Click and drag on the icon in the address bar and drag it to the desktop. When you do that, it turns into something called a web location file, and I'll show you how that works. So I'll quit Safari. I'll double click on that web location file, and when I do, Safari will launch and it will take me to that website. So this is a very convenient way to share websites with your friends.

Just email that or message it or send it through some other service, so that when they receive it, they double-click on it and they're taken directly to that website. And that's the wonderful world of Bookmarks, another way to quickly navigate to your favorite websites.

Working with bookmarks
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Working with bookmarks provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Christopher Breen as part of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Essential Training

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