Video chatting in FaceTime

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Video chatting in FaceTime

You may not know it, but we are living in the future. We are living in the cartoon kind of future, where you can make face-to-face video calls for free and we do that using Lion's FaceTime and this is how it works. We will launch it from Spotlight. That's enough, press Return and here we are. Now when you launch it for the first time, if you have an Apple ID set up on your Mac, you will see that Apple ID in FaceTime's window. All you have to do at that point is enter your password. I will enter mine.

And I then click Sign In. If you don't have an Apple ID, you can set one up just by clicking on Create New Account and you'll be walked through that process. So I will sign in, I will click Next, and I'm good to go. Now if I wanted to add another email address, I go under FaceTime into Preferences, and at this point, I can add another email address. Once I do that a message will be sent to Apple, Apple will send me an email message with a verified link in it.

I click on that link and then that email address is verified, but I'm good for now. So I am going to click Done. Now note that you're not going to bugged for this information every time you come in and I will show how that works. I am going to quit out of FaceTime now and I'm gone. Now I will launch it again and you will see that you're not prompted for your Apple ID or password. You're just in. So let's actually make a call because that's what this is about. So I am going to find my good friend, Nick. Oh! There he is.

I will select his name and I click on his FaceTime icon and we are going to make a call to Nick and see if he picks up. We are connected. Great! There you are Nick: Hey Chris! Chris: Hey! It seems the only time we ever talk is over FaceTime. Nick: Yeah, I guess so. Chris: I guess so. So this is Nick, Magic Nick as he is known in the iPad course. And as I hover my cursor over this window, I can not only poke Nick in the nose as I am doing here, but I can also do a couple of things.

One thing I can do is move into full screen by doing this. Now Nick is right in the middle of the screen and my picture is off to the side. I can take it back to standard size screen. If I wanted to I could end the call at this point, but I don't want to do that. What I really wanted to do is Nick, I am sorry, but I am going to have to mute just for a second and when I do that, it means that you can't hear me. Okay, now it's just us. So let me say again as I did in the iPad course is that Nick can still see me.

So he can see exactly what I'm doing. And so if you're going to mute somebody, you don't want to do something like "I can't stand talking to this guy because I just hate him," because that doesn't look good. Instead you want to look very pleasant and then you can say, "I can't stand talking to this guy," but actually Nick is a very nice guy. So it's not the case here. Anyway, I am going to unmute. Okay I was just showing off them the mute feature. There's absolutely nothing to worry about and please don't bother reviewing. Nick: Okay, Chris. Chris: Would you mind turning your iPad to the side so I can see what that looks like? Okay, great! So when he rotates we moved into Landscape.

Now can when take it back into Portrait mode? Good! I can also rotate here. I have a little arrow here. So now to Nick I appear in landscape and now I'm going to appear in Portrait. One of things I can do is move this little window around. You may want to do that if you want to be able to better see what you're doing when you're looking into the camera. So I am moving this back down into the regular position. Nick, I am going to hang-up on you, but I would like you to call me so people could see what it looks like when I am receiving a call.

I cut him off. Terribly sorry, Nick. Okay. Oh look! There he is. Okay, so I can decline or I can accept and I'm going to accept. We are connecting with Nick as you can see. Hey, you are back again. I'm so glad that that worked. So people can see what it looks like when I'm receiving a call, they've seen what it looks like when I'm making a call, and I need to show them a couple of other features, if you don't mind. Okay so I have to hang-up. So I will talk you later. Nick: All right, I will see you later, Chris.

Chris: So I have ended my call. All right, let's look at just a couple of other things. You notice the bottom, there's a Favorites entry and there's a Recents entry. Here Recents. That shows that we've talked to Nick recently and we have his conversations here in our Recents list. Now let's go to Favorites, I've added some Favorites. I can add others if I want to. I can also remove Favorites. So let's get rid of this Cunningham. I am not sure whether Ritchie is his brother or something.

Anyway, go back into Contacts and if I wanted to add this Cunningham guy again, I could. So I just enter, there he is. So I select his contact and then I click on Add to Favorites and now he is in my Favorites. So all I have to do to call him is click on his name, click on his FaceTime icon, and I've made the call. And there you have it. This is the basics of FaceTime. It's a great way to communicate with people and I think you will like it.

Quit, and done.

Video chatting in FaceTime
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Video chatting in FaceTime provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Christopher Breen as part of the Mac OS X Lion Essential Training

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