Up and Running with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

with Chad Chelius
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Up and Running with Mac OS X Mountain Lion
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Mountain Lion, the ninth major release of Apple OS X, adds more than 200 new features to the operating system. In this workshop, author and expert Chad Chelius shows you how to take advantage of all the power that Mountain Lion puts at your fingertips. After learning how to install and set up the software, create and work with user accounts, and find your way around the interface, you'll get tips on using Mountain Lion to surf the web, send email, play audio and video, and much more. And you'll be introduced to new features like dictation, the Notification Center, and the Reminders, Notes, and Messages applications.

Topics include:
  • Installing Mountain Lion
  • Creating and logging in to a user account
  • Setting parental controls
  • Customizing the Finder window toolbar
  • Sharing files between users
  • Browsing the web with Safari
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Installing applications
  • Using Reminders, Notes, Messages, and the Notification Center
  • Backing up and restoring files with Time Machine
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Mac OS X


- Hi, my name is Chad Chelius. I'm a trainer, author, consultant, and Mac user for more than 20 years. I'm super excited about this workshop because the Mac has always been an invaluable tool for me. Mountain Lion, the latest operating system from Apple, allows me to do more things on my computer in less time than ever before. In this workshop, I'll walk you through many of the new features of Mountain Lion. Whether you're a new Mac user or a veteran Mac user, by the end of this workshop you'll learn what Mountain Lion is and what it means to you.

You'll also learn how to purchase and install Mountain Lion. How to set up user accounts for other people in your household. And how to protect young Mac users by applying parental controls to those accounts. You'll learn more recent additions to OS 10 like Launchpad and Mission Control. And you'll learn about the Notifications Center. Messages, Reminders, and Notes. I'll even show you the new dictation feature that allows you to talk to your Mac and have it dictate what you speak onto a page or email. I've set up the videos in this workshop in a linear fashion so that you can dive in where your skill level fits.

I hope you find this course useful and that you have fun getting to know the latest Mac operating system, Mountain Lion.

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