Mac OS X Mountain Lion Essential Training

with Christopher Breen
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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Essential Training
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In this course, Macworld senior editor Christopher Breen provides a comprehensive overview of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, complete with insider tips for getting the most out of the operating system. The course shows how to configure system preferences, personalize the interface, master gestures, and achieve fluency with applications such as Mail, Calendar, and Preview. The course also includes tutorials on browsing the web with Safari, automating complex tasks with Automator, sharing over a network, performing maintenance operations using Disk Utility, and offers time-saving techniques for using the Mac efficiently. Along the way, Christopher reviews the 200+ new features in Mountain Lion, which gives even experienced Mac users a valuable head start.

Topics include:
  • Installing Mountain Lion
  • Setting up and syncing iCloud
  • Configuring Mail, Contacts, and Calendar
  • Setting rules with Parental Controls
  • Jotting down info with Notes
  • Viewing and saving PDFs, text documents, and images
  • Using Safari to browse the Internet
  • Playing and recording videos with QuickTime
  • Video conferencing with FaceTime
  • Setting up a Windows install with Boot Camp
  • Downloading widgets
  • Sharing files with AirDrop
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Welcome to Mac OS X Mountain Lion Essential Training. I'm Chris Breen. In this course, I'll show you not only how to install the latest version of Apple's computer operating system, but provide you with insight into the major changes brought by Mountain Lion, as well as the most helpful features carried over from earlier versions of the Mac OS. Security is a major theme of Mountain Lion, and I'll show you how to configure your security settings to best suit your needs. Mountain Lion interacts with online services far more than any preceding versions of the Mac OS through Apple's cloud-based service, iCloud.

I'll show you how to configure your settings to best take advantage of iCloud. I'll show you how your Mac can turn your speech into text. I'll guide you through those applications that help you stay in touch with the world: Mail, Messages, and FaceTime, as well as keep your personal data under control with the Calendar and Contacts applications. There's a lot to like in Mountain Lion, let's get started.

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