Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Tips and Tricks

with Christopher Breen
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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Tips and Tricks
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Are you getting the most from your Mac? Mountain Lion is one of the most robust OS X offerings from Apple, and there are many hidden features that power uses have yet to discover. Join Macworld senior editor Christopher Breen as he reveals the top tips and tricks for Mac OS X 10.8. Discover new ways of working with Mail and Calendar—from creating smarter mailboxes to exporting, configuring, and delegating your calendar. Then make the system preferences work for you—from zooming tricks to showing the caps lock who is boss. And Finder will start to work even better for you once you organize your desktop, customize the toolbar, and learn the hidden tricks of Menu bar icons. Plus, learn how to force the stubborn Trash to empty and work with passwords across the system.

Topics include:
  • Creating smarter Smart Mailboxes
  • Sharing and delegating calendars
  • Syncing Google contacts
  • Discovering hidden tricks within contact headings
  • Scheduling startup and shutdown
  • Copying files via Bluetooth
  • Using a remote disc
  • Creating password-protected archives
  • Creating a bootable installer drive
  • Repairing your keychain
  • Resetting your login password
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- [Voiceover] Welcome to Mac OS Mountain Lion tips and tricks, I'm Chris Breen. In my Mac OS 10 Mountain Lion essential training course, I show the basics and a bit more about the workings and features of Apple's operating system. But there's so much more, and a lot of it not entirely obvious. And because there is more, more is what I have in mind with this course. We dive deep into mail going beyond simply composing and sending messages. To tackle filtering your email with mails rules. Techniques with dealing with junk mail. Importing and exporting message archives.

And recommendations for some mail add-ons so that you'll find it helpful. Calendar also gets an in-depth treatment. We look at invitations, time zone support. Calendar delegation, and how to share and import events. Keeping your contacts in order is vital. And I hope you do that by showing you how to synchronize your contacts, with Google and Yahoo. As well as reveal hidden tricks of contact headings. When discussing hidden system preference features, I show you how to disable the caps lock key. Copy files via Bluetooth, make the most of group accounts.

And for those without an optical media drive, use Mountain Lion's remote disk feature. And if your Mac isn't working as you believe it should, I got some great troubleshooting tips for you. All of that in Mac OS 10 Mountain Lion tips and tricks. Let's get started.

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